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    Frank Vdm

    Is the gopro hero 5 stand alone ready to upload images. So yes how.

    Are there examples sequences to see the results of images.

    It has now a gps onboard.

    Your text above: 

    "A downside with GoPro for Mapillary is that the cameras lack built-in gps so you have to use an external GPS recorder in order to geotag the photos"

    Specifications gopro hero 5 (scroll down)


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    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for your question! It's a good point that the Hero5 is different since it has built-in GPS. Therefore, you can use it according to the same instructions as the Garmin Virb (see here). We haven't had the chance to properly test it via the Mapillary for iOS app integration yet, but theoretically, it should work as well.

    I don't have an example sequence for you from the Hero5 specifically, but since the resolution is the same as for the older models, it's probably going to be just as great as this one with a GoPro mounted on bike handlebars.

    I've edited this help article according to your notes.



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